About BrightEyed

I graduated the Bachelor of Optometry degree at the University of Melbourne in 2012. Since then it has been a journey of just learning¬†stuff – clinical optometry stuff but also personal stuff, learning how to fit into the full-time workforce (read as “how to adult”) and just growing as a professional human (is that a thing?).

My grad job was for two years in a rural town of northwest Victoria. My next job was a maternity leave cover contract in metro Melbourne. My current job is part-time metro and part-time freeeedom! At the moment this freedom is occupied with house cleaning, reading fiction, and planning a wedding. I also spend time writing for my blog and other people’s blogs on a freelance basis.

BrightEyed is a space for me to share my thoughts and what I’ve learnt and am still learning along the way. I hope to cover a variety of things related to optometry, vision, eyes, and optics.

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